Latest technologies

Mobile Apps. Tracking and optimization

Moblin’s unique and powerful smart optimization platform provides you with full control of your mobile campaigns. Moblin's dedicated team has been working closely with mobile marketers and advertisers for almost a decade, gathering and analyzing big data and optimizing traffic for maximum results and superior ROI.

NON UDID Tracking Solutions

With Advertisers facing major issues in analyzing the effectiveness of their media spend on their app downloads campaigns, Moblin created a non UDID tracking solution which is compatible with all new Appstore and Google Play regulations.

Track results

Moblin's latest Download tracking SDK (feature to iPhone/Android app advertisers), allows us to accurately track the results of our advertiser's multi-channel, cross media campaign and manage media spend accordingly.

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Real Time Bidding

The Moblin Programmatic Mobile Demand Platform bring all the experience generated along the years focusing on the mobile app marketing.

Moblin’s platform drive mobile app user acquisition quality and other performance parameter, taking into consideration scaling with high volumes. The platform integrated to colorful channels - publishers, networks and mobile exchanges, focusing on unique sources and CPI business model

Data store over years, analyzing billions events, creates advanced optimization engine that optimizes media spend to the source that deliver the best user acquisition results. The platform combines many elements such as social, incent – non incent, retargeting, and more… In today’s mobile echo system Moblin stands with a cutting edge technologies for your mobile app distribution.

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High-end, exclusive, successful App development

Specializing in branded apps, Moblin gives a whole new dimension to creative technologies with In house creative team.

While turning creative ideas into reality and fitting the business goals, Moblin works conservatively with minor amount of top-tier consumer brands, to create their mobile assets, distribute them and optimize. All the funnel in one place, managed by a professional team with a strong track record in capturing the mass market.

Moblin’s developers and UI-UX holds extensive experience in creating branded apps. Moblin are one of the first to develop iPhone and Android applications and the teams keep skilled in high-end technologies.

Moblin’s track record includes augmented reality apps, apps focused on catalogs and push notifications, branded games, location based, billboards engagement via app (GPS real time), social and more… For brands like: lineup of logos Coca-Cola, Fanta, Zero, Carlsberg, Gillette, Always, old spice, PokerStars, Paul Frank, Huggies and more…

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Other technologies

  • Campaign Management System for agencies and advertisers
  • Device Recognition & automatic adaptation platform
  • Mobile content management platform
  • Lead Management, Coupons, QR, etc – platforms
  • Gamification, loyalty and rewording modules
  • Cross Platform App development framework
  • Mobile Web framework
  • SDP – Service Delivery Platform
  • Social Integrations API’s
  • And more…
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